Mental-Training zur Gewichts-Reduktion Dr. Stoll

Mental-Training zur Gewichts-Reduktion Dr. Stoll

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This CD acts as a guide to implementing a strategy of weight reduction. It helps overweight patients by providing positive mental empowerment. The text is spoken by Dr. Manfred Stoll in German.

It is recommended that the patient listen to the CD at least 1-2 times a day in a relaxed situation and a quiet environment. The time required is approx 10-20 minutes per day for 4 weeks. The first four tracks of the CD contain 4-sequences of mental stimulation for reducing weight. These are used to initiate and strengthen the impetus for weight loss, while the 5th track is a consolidated module for reinforcement and maintenance. 

In order to achieve an optimum level of mental stimulation, Dr. Stoll is cooperating with the hi-fi audio specialist, Thomas Reußenzehn, and the relaxation music producer, Oliver König. By using a unique tube headphone system in combination with special relaxation music, a natural, live soundscape is achieved.

Track1: Loslassen (12:29)
Track2: Insel der Geborgenheit (10:38)
Track3: Meine Erfolgsgeschichte (12:07)
Track4: Angekommen (12:27)
Track5: Gemeinsam (25:19)
Gesamtspielzeit: 73:12

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